leonardo caligiuri

Leonardo Caligiuri was born on January 8th, 1974, in Brescia, Italy. His creativity has been evident in his passions since childhood, which include fashion, cinema, art, and sports. However, his love for fashion has always been at the forefront of his interests, sparking an insatiable curiosity for everything related to the industry.

Growing up in Salò, a town on the shores of Lake Garda, Leonardo pursued his passion for fashion in Milan. He enrolled in the highly regarded "Fashion and Design Public Relations" course at IULM and began his career as an intern at the prestigious fashion magazine, MondoUomo, just a year later.

From there, Leonardo's career took off, and he worked with many prominent Italian and international magazines, including Donna, Gioia, Figaro Japan, Harper's Bazaar Thailand, Vogue Gioiello, Vogue Pelle, Anna, and "A" Magazine. These experiences have contributed significantly to his professional development, providing him with in-depth expertise and exemplary professionalism in every aspect.

With a classic, timeless, and unmistakable style, Leonardo Caligiuri continues to inspire and amaze in the contemporary fashion world, leaving an indelible mark in every project he undertakes. He is an icon in the industry, synonymous with quality, refinement, and absolute dedication to fashion. 


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